Ethically grown kid mohair, cruelty free fine Australian wool, Australian grown Super Cotton and fair trade silk blend together to create mohair yarns like no other...

The inspiration behind Rosabella is the desire to maintain the threads of traditional knowledge and the skills that are passed down through the generations.

Sustainable farming practices, care for the environment, cruelty-free animal husbandry and ethical trade are the values woven into every skein of yarn we make.

Rosabella yarns are naturally renewable because the animals are shorn regularly again and again, unlike man made fibres that are oil based.

Rosabella yarns are naturally biodegradable as when they are disposed of, the fibres naturally decompose in the soil over a relatively short time, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil.  Unlike man-made fibres, which take years and years to break down.

The natural inherent properties of the fibres contained in our yarns will keep the wearer comfortable and dry, warm when its cool and cool when its hot.  Kid mohair, Merino and Silk are also naturally fire resistant.

The fibres featured in our yarns have the ability to absorb odours, which means that the garment can be laundered less frequently, reducing the impact on the environment in terms of water, detergent and energy usage.


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Rosabella...threads of pure luxury

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