Bunneyconnellen Olive Grove and Vineyard

/ / Queensland

Ninian and Ann Stewart-Moore ambition from the beginning was to start growing their own food from garden/paddock to plate and to follow a less demanding lifestyle. This was achieved by planting an olive grove closely followed by a small parcel of wine grapes.

ninian and ann stewart-moore

Bunnyconnellen then progressed to include a Cellar Door outlet, Function Centre, B&B and an online presence, that when combined, continued to echo the core values of less dependence on the outside world, food integrity, and the consumption of local, seasonal produce.

Bunnyconnellen benchmarked the quality and the integrity of our products by submitting them to the rigors of the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show every now and then. The Fine Food Show makes the highest demands on its competitors and the team at Bunnyconnellen has been rewarded with no less than 37 medals over the last several years.


email:   shop@bunneyconnellen.com.au

Phone:   (07)  4697 9555

website: bunneyconnellen.com.au

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