Why ROSABELLA...threads of pure luxury was created

We understand that you desire yarn and threads of exceptional beauty and quality to fulfil your creative journey. At Rosabella, we're inspired by the threads that link the generations, whether they be Mothers passing their skills onto their daughters; Australian Farmers producing the world's finest fibres on family farms for generations; Engineers working with wool carding and spinning machinery handing down their expertise and skills. We acknowledge that you want to know the story of your yarn. We take pride in assuring you that we hand select the finest Australian Fine Kid Mohair grown on our farm in Queensand and non-mulesed SRS Merino. These fibres are cleaned and blended into our yarn range manufactured on our farm. Our mohair, merino and alpaca yarns are 100% manufactured in Australia. Our silk is ethically sourced in Thailand where we support the production of silk worms by farmers. We can absolutely guarantee that our yarns contain what they say on the label because we control the process from birth to delivery. We are constantly thinking of ways to bring out the best of these yarns by designing projects and developing a rich and harmonious colour range for you - just like an artist's paint palette!

Want to find out the story behind Rosabella... threads of pure luxury?

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