Meet the Flock

Rosabellathreads Prima Kid Silk origins

Dianne – Human – Creative Director, Yarn Spinner

Dianne founded Rosabella Threads sixteen years ago with her husband, Peter, when her creative heart fell in love with a goat farmer. She’s been knitting since she was a teenager, and comes from a long line of knitters before her. Dianne is intensely passionate about keeping these traditions alive, and preserving them for future generations. Dianne’s favourite part of the business is playing with colours when she is dyeing the yarn, and then getting to test it out by knitting it up! 

Dianne Tatham Knitwear Designer
Dianne Tatham Knitwear Designer

Peter – Human – Head of Sustainability, Goat Wrangler

“Holistic Farm Management” is the phrase Peter lives by.   He is dedicated to making Rosabella run as smoothly and sustainably as possible. From reviving seventy year-old wool carding machines, to installing 6.5kw of solar panels on the shed and house roofs; Peter is a farmer, engineer, goat shearer and everything in between! He has owned the farm since 1996. Working closely with the top Angora breeder his desire is to improve the breeding standards of Angora goats in Australia.

Peter Tatham Woollen Carding Engineer
Peter Tatham Woollen Carding Engineer

George – Corgi – Media Liaison Officer, Micro Influencer

George is a small dog with a big personality. He’s Instagram famous, and he knows it. He has been with Rosabella Threads for five years and has been heading up the PR team for one year. In this time he’s amassed a significant following and enjoys being the furry face of the Rosabella brand. He is usually found lounging in the farmhouse being cute, and in his spare time he enjoys napping in the sun and trying to guilt guests into sneaking him snacks.

George the Corgi

Max – Maremma Sheepdog – Head of Farm Security

Max has only been with Rosabella Threads for six months; but is deeply committed to his role protecting his flock from wild dogs and other predators that may try to hurt them. Max has an ‘always on’ personality and takes his job very seriously – no harm can befall his babies while he is on duty, which is probably why he’s always on duty! Being a Maremma Sheepdog, this is a job that has been passed down through his ancestors for generations: Max is a finely tuned protection machine. 

Max with Sallie and Boris

Sally and Boris – Maremma Sheepdogs – Junior Security Officers

Sally and Boris are a four month old, energetic brother-sister team who are learning the ropes as guardian dogs. When they have finished their training, they will assist Max in his role as flock protectors, ensuring that every goat is accounted for and the farm perimeter is secure. They live together out in the barn with their furry charges and keep a watchful eye on the flock day and night.

Max the Maremma with Boris and Sallie
Boris and Sallie with Max

Goats – Angoras – Wool Production Specialists

A 120 strong flock of Angora goats make up the bulk of the Rosabella team – these guys produce up to 400kg of fine kid mohair fleece each year that is broken down, smoothed out and wound up into the beautiful yarns on display at the farm shop ready to be sent out into the world. This year, 50 baby goats were born to the flock, ensuring next year’s shearing will be even bigger. Peter and Dianne are working hard with the flock to breed softer, fluffier babies that are also better suited to our Australian conditions.

2016 Angora Doe

Tina – Cow – Landscaper

Tina, along with her two coworkers, Zelda and Leilani, are part of the sustainability team working on the farm to help repair the paddocks together with the goats. With their big hooves, weightier frames and large mouths, they help trample the grass so that the topsoil is protected from rain and wind erosion. They also eat different plants to the goats so there’s never any disagreements over food.

Tina the heifer soon to be cow

Geoff the Cockerel and his Hen House – Chickens

Geoff is the handsome and charismatic leader of the hen house, whose tireless efforts ensure that Rosabella always have fresh eggs for breakfast, and also help reduce the food waste from the kitchen – chickens will eat anything! This happy, free range flock have the run of the coop and plenty of space to scratch in the sunshine during the day.

Handsome Geoff the Rooster

Josephine – Pig – Fertiliser Production

Josephine and her six new piglets live at the top end of the farm, producing valuable nutrients that aerate and enrich the soil. Their trotters and snouts dig up the earth and turn it over like a mini plough that enables moisture penetration into the soil. The pigs also help with waste management – they are fed primarily on vegetable waste from the local grocer, which ensures that the vegetable waste doesn’t end up in landfill.

Josephine the Pig and her babies